The following videos detail components of DWI cases. Contact our office with questions.

When should I call or hire an attorney for my drunk driving case?

What defenses are there in a DUI or DWI case?

Can I represent myself in a drunk driving case? What can a drunk driving defense attorney do for me?

Additional videos:

Do I need an attorney to represent me even if I am innocent?

How can I find a qualified defense attorney?

What will it cost to hire a defense attorney?

What are my rights when under arrest?

What constitutes an unreasonable search and seizure under the fourth amendment?

What is blood alcohol content (BAC) or level?

Can the police charge me with a breathalyzer refusal, even though I tried to blow into it?

What if I burped or regurgitated within twenty minutes prior to blowing?

How do I apply for a DMV hearing?

What if it is longer than 10 days since my drunk driving arrest? Can I still file for a DMV

Can I obtain a license in another state after a drunk driving conviction?

What is a zero tolerance DUI or DWI law?

Are there special considerations and penalties for someone who is underage and arrested for DUI or DWI?

What is an ignition interlock device?

What is the open container law?

What is the difference between probation, parole, and pardon?

Why am I receiving letters from attorneys seeking to represent me for my drunk driving case?

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